Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quick trip... great weekend

Thursday, May 1, 2008

* quick trip... great weekend

Hubby and I took a quick trip to the Hill Country around San Antonio this past weekend. We hadn't had a chance to do this in almost a year. And it was really great! For one thing, we got to see the Alpacas my daughter's family bought last summer; Rambler and Cruise. They are really something...not sure what, but something.

THEN we got to see their new horse, Goliath. Now he really is something else! He's a European Warm Blood (Frisian?), a little over 17 hands, and just beautiful. I guess you can tell we like horses... and cats... and birds... and most animals actually. I'm afraid it's rubbed off on the kids. Growing up they had quite a variety around the house at one time or other - from snakes and weird exotic lizards to dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, Guinea pigs, box turtles, horses, etc. Working in the Veterinary field as I did for years, I would walk around with newborn critters that no one wanted in the pocket of my lab coat... feeding them with an eye dropper as needed. If it was alive and needed help, we gave it. If it needed food, we fed it... still do.

Now I'm going to skip to a totally different subject - TVs. Our kids have been telling us for over a year that we need a new TV. But our old one still worked! It seemed like they wanted us to fix something that wasn't broke - just outdated. I mean really - it still worked! Well... almost. Sometimes you have to wiggle the wires in the back when the picture goes off, but as John B says, 'what the hey'.

However, not too long ago we did see a nice looking entertainment center advertised and decided to check it out. It was Oak, made by Broyhill, and seemed to be a style that suited us called 'Attic Heirloom'. Anyway, we decided to purchase it because most we've seen have been either too formal or too plain and simply dis not go with our relaxed 'eclectic' decor.

But this purchase made it necessary to also check out new flat screen TVs! Anyway, to make a long story short, we ended up with a 42 inch Panasonic which will be delivered sometime in the next few weeks. We haven't really bought anything new in a long time, so it's kind of exciting waiting for the delivery. And I have to say that it doesn't seem that you can just walk into a store, buy a TV, and then take it home and plug it in like you used to. There are lots of questions they ask you - about hookups, and HD, and necessary cables, and cable services, etc. When we finally left the store, both of us were thinking, "Wow, that sure seemed complicated."

OK, that's going to be my 2 cents worth for today. Please leave a comment if you are so inclined. I'd love to hear from you. I don't think it's a big deal to create a user name and password for blogger. And it's free!

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