Sunday, May 4, 2008

Combination Post... Saturday and Sunday

Saturday May 3 and Sunday May 4, 2008

*quiet weekend...

Yesterday was a fairly normal Saturday. We ran our usual errands, came back to straighten up, put groceries away, and sit down to a movie (The Golden Compass). We'd seen it before but thought we'd like to see it again. Unfortunately I fell asleep halfway through and didn't wake up until late afternoon.

Started to make some leek and potato soup, but realized that I didn't have any chicken broth. So after running out to pick this up, I proceeded to make the soup. We had it with some Diablo chicken and roasted summer squash and zucchini. Later that evening we watched another movie (Charlie Wilson's War) which was really quite good.

This morning (Sunday) we are getting ready to meet some friends for breakfast. Since we're not meeting them until 9, hubby is in the kitchen making a batch of creole red beans and rice while I catch up on my journaling.

Now it's almost 6PM, had a very nice visit with good friends this morning. Funny thing is that no matter how long it's been since you've seen each other, it seems like old friends always look pretty much the same. We may be a little gray-er or have less hair, etc. but everyone still looks good to me.

BTW, the creole red beans and rice has been cooking all day and our house smells delicious! I'd better close for today and get some straightening up done before it gets too late.

Hope you had a great safe weekend!


(PS: the horses in the picture were vying for control over the piles of hay. One would chase the other off, then another would come and chase him, etc. It was fun to watch.)

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