Friday, May 2, 2008


Friday, May 2, 2008

*TGIF! thank god it's finally Friday

Guess we did a lot last weekend in San Antonio and then came back and worked this week as usual... because today I'm exhausted. When the alarm went off this morning at 5 am, I thought, "Oh no... can't be time to get up for work already." But it was. This afternoon I would have napped, but we have a delivery person coming (you know, the 'sometime between noon and 6pm' thing)so there was no use. It's now almost 5pm and no one's showed up yet.

Actually, I was tired last night also. Tried my hardest to stay awake to watch "Lost", but didn't make it. I did get through part of "Grey's Anatomy". Guess it's age, but trying to watch anything that comes on after 9pm is difficult.

BTW, that's Ghost on her bunny in the picture. She has slept on her bunny ever since we first brought her inside the house. She also sleeps on it at the Vet when we go out of town. We can't leave her alone for a few days with the other cats because of her kidneys. If water wasn't available at all times, she could have a real problem. We always have someone check on them daily, but still...

OK, delivery men arrived and set up oak entertainment center. Cats are thrilled (especially Jack)! Since the new TV has not arrived, they are using the middle portion as their own personal lounge area. Thibbadeaux has not ventured into the den yet. He does not like 'change'... even moving furniture around upsets him. Eventually he will sneak up to the new piece on his belly and check it out. If it doesn't make any sudden moves, he'll accept it as not a threat.

7PM now. Better close this and say goodnight. Take care, and thanks again for reading.


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