Thursday, May 22, 2008

Almost Friday already!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

* almost Friday already... and thru to Sunday

I can't believe that it's almost Friday again. The weeks seem to be flying by. The weather is warm to hot, but not bad... yet. It's been cool in the morning, which is nice, then by late afternoon or early evening, it gets up in the high 80's and sometimes 90's. But it is nearly June.

And thank god they finally showed reruns of the last 2 episodes of "Lost". I slept through the originals now that the show comes on at 9 PM. But these reruns were 7 - 9 PM Wednesday night, so now I'm caught up.

Actually it's now Sunday, May 25, 2008 - my Dad's Birthday!Of course my dad passed away in 1981, so I guess he doesn't celebrate it - or maybe he does - who knows? But I do think about him on this date. He was such a good man; English, proper, and with a great dry sense of humor. I wish I had had more time to know him.

Well, it's Memorial Weekend. Time to reflect on all those who have sacrificed so much for Freedom and 'the American way'. I know that the U.S. is criticized a lot these days, but there are still people wanting to come here... and those of us here who know things aren't perfect, but appreciate what we do have... and hopefully will continue the good fight to make it better. However, the world is made up of all kinds of people and there will always be those who 'oppose'. But I think that most of us believe in freedom and honor and human rights, and if we just keep at it, one day we may get it right (or close). And the truth is, it may not be so much the getting it right, but the trying that counts.

Yesterday was busy. We ran errands all morning, then moved some more things to storage, then went to the Dallas Symphony in the evening. Today is quieter. I made pancakes this morning and am now catching up on my journaling.

The picture on top is Tux watching a Garfield movie. He was really into it. Take care and have a Happy Safe Memorial Weekend!


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