Thursday, February 11, 2016

long overdue update...

Sad faced Tux

It occurred to me recently that I've ignored this site to write mostly on my "Older but better" site. Well, I decided to post some pics here that relate more to just Cats, Coffee, and Chocolate. This is a picture of Tux as he likes to sit with his head resting on the end table...

These next 2 signs I like:

 What a good way to think about retirement!

What would we do without coffee? I would have the world's worst headache. The few times I've had to stop drinking coffee, I get that 'lack of caffeine' headache. I know that caffeine is basically a drug... one that we become addicted to at a young age. But if coffee actually bad for you? From what I've read, no. In fact it seems that the consensus of medical opinions is that 1-2 cups of coffee a day is actually good for you. I sure hope so.

Brownie Bark

And this Brownie Bark is my newest chocolate craze!  It's an easy recipe and definitely delicious and addictive...

With cats, coffee, and chocolate in mind -
Happy Valentine's Everyone!