Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our cats...

Since I downloaded Picasa, I have been playing around with the program. This collage of our cats is one of the things you can do with it.  These are our 'inside babies'... minus the 2 on the bottom (left and right) who passed out of our lives in the last 2 years. Molly (center Tortie) is now the Matriarch at 19 (that's about 93 in people years).  The 3 black and whites are siblings (8 yrs), Rose showed up and stayed in 2001 (think she was about 7 then... so she's getting old also), and Ghost was abandoned at our back door by her mom at about 4 wks (she is 5 now and has genetic kidney probs - was not supposed to live past her first year).

They are all sweet lovable cats. Jack (upper center), by far, has the biggest heart... loves everybody and everything - never hisses - will clean any other cat or person around - will let any other cat or person lie by him - loves strangers - even kids,  and 'talks' to us like he really knows what he's saying...

The others have their own idiosyncrasies; Molly (center Tortie) is sweet, but pissy at times, Rose (white calico) is wacko, but getting better with age, Julie (small black and white in middle left) is a strange one - lovable and sweet, but only when she's in the mood, Tux (black and white in middle right) has attitude and is a total mama's boy, and lastly Ghost (grey Burmese at top right) is a sweetheart, but absolutely terrified of loud noises.

Well,  this is my post for today. Nothing terribly exciting, but a general update on the cats that make up a big part of our lives. They say one picture is worth a thousand words... so here are my cat family photos!  I will let them speak for themselves.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Aga Cats and Picasa...

Cats by Aga

It's chilly here the last few days.  We were suppose to get a freeze, but I don't believe that this happened. The coldest it has gotten (as far as I know) is about 35. The cats hug the Aga on most days,
but on cold days they all try to cuddle together on the blue rag rug. From left to right, there's Rose (big white cat), Jack (heart of the house), Julie (Jack's sister), and Ghost (gray one holding on to Julie - they're buds).  Tux (Jack's brother) and Molly (19 yr old tortie) are elsewhere.

BTW, thank you for all the comments regarding photo editing programs.  I did finally end up with Picasa freeware.  Haven't played with it a lot yet, but at least I can put borders on my pics now. Sometimes (as here) my pics are not as clear as I'd like... but I think it's because I use my iPhone and then transfer them to the computer (and I only have the iPhone 3, not the 4 or 5).  I do have a Nikon, but it's not always handy for on the spot shots.

Maybe blogger is having some technical problems lately since every time I hit save or publish this morning I get an error message.  Anybody else having this problem? 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

the easy life...

spoiled cats

Just came across this photo while browsing through my old photos. I need to find a good photo editing program... not too expensive... preferably free.  But I'm a little leery of free sites, thinking free means  viruses.  Guess I subscribe to the old adage, 'if it's too good to be true, it probably is'.

So my plan tonight since there's nothing on TV at our house but football, is to surf the web for a good photo editing program or watch some pottery videos.  If any of you out there can recommend anything, I'm open to suggestions.  From some of the blogs I visit, I take it that you either subscribe to a photo program, own one, or one came with your computer.  I used to have several on my old desktop, but this one (which is also getting old - past the 5 yr date) doesn't have anything but a photo gallery (still have windows vista).

I was going to download the freeware,  'Photoscape', but when I started the download, my security system said "Don't!".... so I stopped. Don't know if it was being overly vigilant, or there was really a danger.  So-oo I'm still looking.

Also - I must have inadvertently done something to my blogger site tools or Internet tools as blogger will no longer let me change the font on my blogs????