Thursday, May 30, 2013

We have kittens...


We have kittens in our yard or in our house or both almost every Spring and Fall.  And we were aware that some of the outside ferals must be nursing kittens, but as of this week, we hadn't seen any. Then... DH was weed-wacking on the side of the house Sunday when out popped a very scared little black kitten. DH immediately picked him up and brought him inside. My first thought was, "oh no..." then, "he's so-oo cute".  As I settled him in, DH went out and checked the area he was in and pretty soon came in with another.  Then I thought, "oh...oh".  This is how we got the 6 cats we have now.  We had always kept the number at 3... then a feral had 5 kittens in our yard (our 3 black and whites are part of that original 5). But there were no more (at least so far).

They are both black, one medium hair, one long hair... about 5 weeks old and fairly chubby.  So their mama was taking good care of them. Actually it is a bit sad as she is still out there looking for them and crying.  We were tempted to put them back but decided they would have a much better chance in life getting adopted into a good home then living outside with the other ferals. But mama is sad... and it hurts. We actually brought them out in a crate today and put them where she could find them and she layed down by the crate with them... even sniffing their little paws as they pushed them through the bars. DH says that it's too hard on her to do this, but I thought she needed to know that they were alright and that they just didn't disappear.

Oh... and this is an update from yesterday evening.  We now see 2 more black kittens in the front yard by the bay window and as of about 7pm last night, we see 3 more little black and white kittens frolicking on the windowsill in the den!! It's like, "OMG, is it 'coming out' day! They all look to be about 6-8 weeks old... a little older than the ones we took inside and moving a lot faster.

I will try to get some pictures, but we may not be able to catch these.