Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Cats' Christmas 2012

Ghost Christmas morning

The following photos are snapshots of our cats Christmas morning. Due to the bad weather coming in Christmas Day here in North Texas, we celebrated Christmas with the family Sunday Evening so that those who had to travel could get on the road Monday before the rain and snow made it too treacherous.  So Christmas morning the cats had the house to themselves!

Tux has fireplace to himself

Molly and her Christmas toys

Christmas lazy bugs
Julie after toys in bag

The following are a series of shots as Tux decides to investigate mysterious 'catnip odors' coming from Christmas bag...

Merry Christmas !

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"we need a bigger rug..."

"we do need a bigger rug..."

As the days grow colder (and to be honest, it hasn't been that cold), the cats tend to huddle by the Aga... except for Molly who only comes into the kitchen when she wants cream. Other than that, you can find her either in her own bed or on the sofa curled up on an afghan.

But the others... well, you can see where they spend a lot of their time. Actually, it's partly because I'm in the kitchen baking so much these days. They tend to gather where we are. If I'm cooking, they like to be underfoot (ever try to cook or bake leaning over 5 cats to get to the hob?). If we're in the den watching TV, they're there.  If we're in the bedroom, they're there. I guess we are a chummy bunch.

Here's a picture I just took of Molly today 'by the Aga'.  But she isn't interested in sleeping there, just guilting me into giving her cream.