Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kuchi... a New Orleans cat


This is Kuchi, my cousin's cat in New Orleans. She lives in the upper half of a new built house... in Metairie, just a few blocks from where the levee broke with Katrina.  They will be battening down and waiting out Hurricane Isaac today.  Since their living area is on the 2nd floor, they should be fine even if the streets flood (which they generally do even with a hard rain).  Since the levees and pumps have been repaired and replaced, they 'should' hold. We are all praying that they do. 

Kuchi doesn't like thunder so she is probably in for a long day of hiding under something with the storm coming through... this evening sometime.

Kuchi playing with yarn

Having just spent a few days there with family I was happy to see how well the city has come back since Katrina. We were down several times previously and things were not looking good.  However, this visit made me realize how resilient and optimistic people can be.  The city looks good... and we are pretty sure that (unless something unforeseen happens - like a levee doesn't hold or the pumps don't work), New Orleans and its people will be fine. 


Ms Sparrow said...

The specter of Katrina will be hanging over New Orleans for a very long time. My cat Sunny is terrified of thunder too. He hides under furniture or in a closet. Right now the Minnesota State Fair is in full swing. Even though it's several miles away, the fireworks at the end of the grandstand shows each night have the poor little guy diving for cover.

Rian said...

We have 2(Rose and Ghost)of our 6 cats that are frightened of thunder and hide. The others don't seem to mind. They may jump and turn their heads, but they don't take off running.

bj said...

I am so glad to meet you, Rian. Thanks for coming by and following.
Like you, I love chocolate so much, I'll even take VIRTUAL chocolate...:))
And, now, please excuse me while I get my clothes on so I can go to the store and get a big ole Hershey bar. :))

O, and I can't find a place to follow you back....???

Rian said...

bj, thank you for noticing that I hadn't added a 'followers' list to my blog. I didn't even realize that until you mentioned it.

You get a giant bar of 'virtual chocolate' for that!!