Sunday, September 2, 2012

Perusing old posts...

Thibbadeaux in 2002

"If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur."

Doug Larson

I came across this picture and quote while I was perusing an old online journal yesterday.  Thibbadeaux was 9 then.  He died this past year at the age of 19.  He was a good cat and is sorely missed... especially by Molly who was his constant companion.  She is 19 also, but seems to be doing fine. She has 'slowed down' a bit - but haven't we all? 
Thibs' mother was one of my sons' cats.  She was schizophrenic. And I take it from some article I read years ago that research was being done concerning the schizophrenic gene in cats. It wouldn't be hard to believe. One minute his mother was extremely friendly, the next she was a raging wildcat (maybe I exaggerate... but still).  When she had kittens, she gave birth to a wide range of personalities. 
My daughter took one of the kittens and named him Hucklebug.  He grew into a beautiful large orange male with a white chest.  But he was a one-woman cat... mean as all get out with most everyone else. DH and I  kept Thibs, a sweet orange tabby that for whatever reason was scared of his own shadow.  Spent a lot of time hiding (and boy could he hide!). He would only come out when DH and I were alone... and was never in the least interested in going outside. I told a friend once that it always looked like our house had been ransacked because Thibs would have every drawer and cabinet open as he searched for hiding places. And he was very quick with his paws... if the doorbell rang, you would see an orange blur and quick as a wink he would open a drawer or the cabinet under the sink and slip inside. But odd as he was, we loved him... and we still miss him.
I will tell this one story as it always makes me laugh when I think about it.  For some reason when one of my grandkids was about 4, he was afraid to use the hall bathroom when he came over. I finally asked him about it and... apparently he was in there one day when the bottom drawer slowly opened and Thibs stuck his head out and hissed at him! 


Friko said...

A cat who could open drawers and doors?
You could have turned him into a film star!

Rian said...

He wouldn't have liked being a film star - too shy. I visited and joined your blog. Love the picture at the top. Is it around your home?

Ms Sparrow said...

What interesting cats! I didn't know that cats could inherit schizophrenia although I knew someone with a cat that was mentally ill. I love the cat opening drawers.
I glad mine just dive under the bed when they're scared.

Rian said...

"I glad mine just dive under the bed when they're scared."

Yes, having all your drawers and cabinets opened while you're gone gives our house that 'just searched' look.