Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Dark Chocolate...

I love good dark chocolate!  And I'm always willing to try a new source.  So far... 'Lindt's Excellence Dark Chocolate with a touch of Sea Salt' is my favorite.  And I'm sure that all of you out there have your own favorites. So please... share them with me so I can have a broader outlook.  I'm sure our likes and dislikes are subjective, but hey, who isn't willing to try more chocolate?

Also... I love good coffee... again subjective, yes? Being originally from New Orleans, I do like strong coffee. And I do like it black - no cream, no sugar.  I can actually drink it any which way... but I prefer it black... and fresh!   Now, we just converted over to the new Keurig k-cups.  (I know this is probably sacrilegious, but believe it or not, we like it.)  It has taken some time to figure out which k-cups we like and which we really don't care for,  but we're getting there. So far we seem to like Green Mountain Colombian the best. 

Since I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners, and vendors seem oblivious to using these indiscriminately, I can't drink any of their combinations... such as Cafe Mocha, Chai Tea, etc.  I don't understand why they can't use normal sugar? Or at least give the buyer a choice? But hey, no one's asking me.

So as you can see, today's post is about Coffee and Chocolate... no cats.  Sad, yes?  I'll close with a cat pic:

From left: Julie, Jack, and Tux


Spencer said...

Looks delicious! I love Lindt Chocolate and their dark chocolate in particular. Its definitely my favourite!

Nadia said...

Oh, I love chocolate, too! My favorite chocolate is milk with almonds and wafers... mmmm... :)

PS. I fell in love in your incomparable cats :)

Rian said...

Spencer and Nadia: Thanks for reading my post! And isn't chocolate wonderful?