Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alert! Bug in the house!

Jack and grasshopper

No bug lasts long in a house with 6 cats!  I always feel sorry for the poor little geckos that inadvertently make their way into our domain.  They are quickly surrounded by a pride of cats who take great joy in tormenting them.  They seldom eat them, most probably die of fright.  I do try to catch the little fellas and put them outside, but sometimes I'm too late.

Now the outside 'youngsters' (4 solid black DSH's that are now about 6 months old) are more like little velociraptors (sp?).  They appear out of nowhere and circle their prey (which is more often than not, a bug or lizard - rarely do they catch birds).  I really wish I could catch them on video as I'm sure that it would win something on World's Funniest Videos.  We once watched them circle an Anole (green lizard) and as the lizard turned in circles to fend off his attackers (who took turns striking him with their paws), at one point he jumped into the air and hooked himself onto one of the cat's noses.  It was hysterical watching the cat panic and shake his head trying to get the little lizard off.


Ms Sparrow said...

My kids had two green anoles in a terraced aquarium. We had to keep something heavy on the lid to keep the cats out but they would sit and watch like it was a TV set. Of course, the inevitable happened and a cat got one in her mouth and I chased her into the basement. It was a traumatic event, but the little lizards were lots of fun while they lasted.

Angie said...

I used to have a neighbour in England who had a huge pond and so many frogs ...our felines used to bring them home for us as presents...alive.Ours up here just catch flies and moths ...and knock down everything in their wake.

As for Bootsie and her kitten gorgeous ....maybe the others didn't survive. I agree, one is not commom but I have known a second litter close to a previous one to only have two.xx