Friday, October 5, 2012

This week's pictures...

I could swear he's smiling...

This one isn't a great picture as they are 'on the move', but this is Prince and his entourage (actually part of his entourage).  There are 4 young black babies that have started following him around like a little gang. I was taking pictures of our possum, when he suddenly appeared out of the bushes and before he knew it, the other four converged on him from all other parts of the yard.

This is Julie.  She is the small female of our 3 black and whites.  At the moment she is curled up on the trundle bed in the computer room while I blog.

And no, this one isn't in our yard (wish he was).  But I love this fella anyway. We were in Scotland and fell in love with the 'hairy coo' (or that's what it sounded like?)...  Just thought I'd add him in here for some variety.



Fuzzy Tales said...

I might take a hairy "coo" if I had the land, but he'd take up my entire townhouse back "yard." LOL.

Love the shots--your home and yard certainly isn't ever boring!

Ms Sparrow said...

How many cats hang around your place? It looks like a lot to feed!
I get a bang out of your happy possum. I saw one of those shaggy cows at a Renaissance Festival once and I was just as smitten as you. They are darling!

Rian said...

Kim and Ms Sparrow,
I know... the 'hairy coo' is adorable! And as for how many cats hang around our place? Too many... but what can you do? They come for food and shelter. How does one say no?