Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bootsie has a baby...

Bootsie and Baby Bootsie

Guess what?  Bootsie has a baby!  She's such a small cat that we didn't even know she was pregnant. And Bootsie's baby is an identical copy of herself.  In case you aren't up to snuff on all our outside (feral and semi-feral) cats, Bootsie is a very small (maybe 6 or 7 lb) intact female that lives in (and out) of our backyard.  She is only about a year and a half old and has had 3 pregnancies. I've been able to adopt out all of her kittens when I've found them.  This pregnancy and kitten she kept a well hid secret.  If we could catch her, she would be spayed, but so far... no luck.  However, it is very unusual for a cat to have only one kitten, so we are keeping our eyes open for more surprises to come.

This little fella on the top was one of Bootsie's litter from last Spring. And the ones on the far right are more of hers.  We bring them in when they are 3 - 4 weeks old, get them friendly and fat, vaccinate them, and take them to the Adoption Center. They are adopted pretty quickly.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Baby Bootsie sure is a cutie! We hope you get her at some point, so she can be adopted out. It would be awesome to finally get Momma too, but we know sometimes that's not possible.

Ms Sparrow said...

Poor little Bootsie. It must be hard on her to produce so many litters in a row. She looks healthy which I'm sure is because of your food and care. I once took in a stray cat and she delivered a single large kitten in the middle of my living room. It was born dead, however. How nice that you're able to find homes for the kittens!

Rian said...

Yes, it is hard on her... although she doesn't look any worse for wear. I would LOVE to have her spayed and will keep trying.