Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bed buddies and Aga buddies...

Julie (8) and Ghost (5) on bed

Molly (19) in her spot on my chair

Rose (19) , Tux (8), and Jack(8) hanging out by Aga

This is a normal day for our 6 cats... lying about (or is it laying about?).  They occasionally get 'full of beans' and run around chasing invisible flying objects, or one decides to chase the other for no apparent reason but perhaps to hear the other squeal.  But they are all getting up there in years (except Ghost who has never been very active, not even as a kitten).  So-oo lying/laying about is their normal routine unless it's feeding time or they're watching the outside critters run around in the back yard.  Our french door in the kitchen acts as a TV screen that works both ways.  Either the inside kitties are lookin' out or the outside critters are lookin' in...

Tux watching TV

But they also watch a little TV...


Fuzzy Tales said...

Everyone looks purrfectly content. :-)

Lying/laying about is the best way to spend the day, of course!

Here, it's Nicki who's the active one, though Derry has his moments. But Derry's definitely more of a snoozer, while Nicki tends to be into things and looking for trouble, even at almost 6.

Ms Sparrow said...

Your Molly looks just like my 16-year old Tweedy. She has arthritis and doesn't do well in the winter but she's been pretty spry this summer. My Gracie is a stray that I took in three winters ago. She was in terrible shape but is a big puffball now and she purrs the loudest of any of my cats. There's another stray hanging around now. I call him Riley because he likes to rile up the three cats. He comes up to the patio door and hits it. Much as I worry about him I'm resisting the impulse to feed him since there's no way he could ever be accepted by the other cats. He will have to find another place to get help.