Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An update on Rose

Rose when a bit younger

I've mentioned before that Rose is now 22... and thinner, weaker, and more mellow than she was at a younger age. We almost lost her about 6-8 weeks ago. But she has rallied like a trooper... and is almost acting like her old self again (which is feisty!).

She has done so well that this past week we decided to bite the bullet and take her to the Vet to have some mats shaved off. At her age, she is not so meticulous about her grooming... and has mats around her rear. We have tried everything at home to remove them ourselves (even buying different types of de-matting razors) but she will have none of it. And we didn't think she could handle being anesthetized (which they have had to do in the past to get the job done).

So... after talking to the Vet and the Tech, they decided to muzzle her and try to do it without anesthesia. I was also afraid that if she got too upset, it would cause her heart to give out, but they promised me that if she showed any signs of mouth breathing, they would immediately stop.

Well, they did get it done! But she was definitely NOT a happy camper. You could hear her protests all over the Veterinary clinic... and she can be LOUD!  But no one got bit,  the job was done ... and best of all, she survived the ordeal!  

She is home now and has actually resumed her grooming as we keep finding little tuffs of white hair everywhere. So we're guessing that she is feeling better and doing her best not to have to ever go through that again. 

Life is good.

Rose has one... you're allowed a limited amount of petting


Linda Kay said...

I can't believe how good she look sat her age...that is amazing!

Rian said...

Linda, that is an old picture. She is a bit thinner now, but for her age... is doing well.

Fuzzy Tales said...

It's great she's rallied and still has spunk. Twenty-two...That puts her at 104 in human years, according to one conversion chart. Impressive. So glad she's been shaved and that everyone involved survived! :-)

Rian said...

You and me both, Kim.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This makes me so incredibly happy that she is rebounding so well :) <3

Rian said...

Us also. She is doing unbelievably well... like she really had a 9th life!

Knatolee said...

Rose is a beauty! Glad she got through the dematting okay!

Alicia said...