Thursday, February 11, 2016

long overdue update...

Sad faced Tux

It occurred to me recently that I've ignored this site to write mostly on my "Older but better" site. Well, I decided to post some pics here that relate more to just Cats, Coffee, and Chocolate. This is a picture of Tux as he likes to sit with his head resting on the end table...

These next 2 signs I like:

 What a good way to think about retirement!

What would we do without coffee? I would have the world's worst headache. The few times I've had to stop drinking coffee, I get that 'lack of caffeine' headache. I know that caffeine is basically a drug... one that we become addicted to at a young age. But if coffee actually bad for you? From what I've read, no. In fact it seems that the consensus of medical opinions is that 1-2 cups of coffee a day is actually good for you. I sure hope so.

Brownie Bark

And this Brownie Bark is my newest chocolate craze!  It's an easy recipe and definitely delicious and addictive...

With cats, coffee, and chocolate in mind -
Happy Valentine's Everyone!


KathyB. said...

Cats in my lap while I sip my coffee, well, there is no other way around here. Whenever I sit down my two cats plop themselves in my lap. Lap warmers !

Ms Sparrow said...

I once inadvertently drank decaf over the weekend when I drank caffeinated during the week. I got such an awful headache I couldn't believe it. I never made that mistake again! You teased us with your brownies but then didn't give the recipe? How cruel!

Rian said...

Kathy, Cat lap warmers are the best!
Ms Sparrow, My vices are coffee and chocolate, but lately I've been told not to drink too much coffee due to the acid... but have to have at least 1/2 cup twice a day to avoid a headache. And I really thought I did give out that brownie recipe (maybe on another site?) I will put it on this blog for you. Sorry about that.