Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Cats' Christmas 2012

Ghost Christmas morning

The following photos are snapshots of our cats Christmas morning. Due to the bad weather coming in Christmas Day here in North Texas, we celebrated Christmas with the family Sunday Evening so that those who had to travel could get on the road Monday before the rain and snow made it too treacherous.  So Christmas morning the cats had the house to themselves!

Tux has fireplace to himself

Molly and her Christmas toys

Christmas lazy bugs
Julie after toys in bag

The following are a series of shots as Tux decides to investigate mysterious 'catnip odors' coming from Christmas bag...

Merry Christmas !


Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy Boxing Day! The cats certainly look like they enjoyed themselves, and we hope the humans did too. :-)

Rian said...

Yes,Kim... the cats did enjoy themselves. I hope to post some of our human pics to 'Older but better' later today.

Ms Sparrow said...

My family celebrated on Sunday too but only for convenience. Happily, we had nice weather--for Minnesota.
I love the pictures of your lovely home and darling kitties.

Angie said...

Love the shots ...ours have only managed to fell the tree twice this year and are shut out of the front room every night until xmas is over then the four who sleep there might be allowed back ...and YES you need a bigger rug ...they look so disgrunteled in the photo below. xx

Linda Starr said...

what lovely cats you have so glad they had a super holiday time.

Pam ;) said...

My daughters cat love to climb into paper bags then pop out to see were she is.