Thursday, November 15, 2012

Aga Cats and Picasa...

Cats by Aga

It's chilly here the last few days.  We were suppose to get a freeze, but I don't believe that this happened. The coldest it has gotten (as far as I know) is about 35. The cats hug the Aga on most days,
but on cold days they all try to cuddle together on the blue rag rug. From left to right, there's Rose (big white cat), Jack (heart of the house), Julie (Jack's sister), and Ghost (gray one holding on to Julie - they're buds).  Tux (Jack's brother) and Molly (19 yr old tortie) are elsewhere.

BTW, thank you for all the comments regarding photo editing programs.  I did finally end up with Picasa freeware.  Haven't played with it a lot yet, but at least I can put borders on my pics now. Sometimes (as here) my pics are not as clear as I'd like... but I think it's because I use my iPhone and then transfer them to the computer (and I only have the iPhone 3, not the 4 or 5).  I do have a Nikon, but it's not always handy for on the spot shots.

Maybe blogger is having some technical problems lately since every time I hit save or publish this morning I get an error message.  Anybody else having this problem? 


Ms Sparrow said...

What a lot of lovely kitties! It's so nice they are such good buddies. My three cats are not affectionate with each other and rarely will sleep close together.

Rian said...

Our cats all get along fine... although some are more buddy buddy than others.

Angie said...

They love warmth ...mine are sitting close to radiators ...and they have stopped eating quite so much ...proably because they are less active.Happy Thanksgiving. xx