Wednesday, April 23, 2008

* Here we go again...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OK... I had to switch my new journal to a blog as apparently the new web site only gave me 5 pages? What good is a daily journal if you only get 5 pages? Of course this is my fault for not realizing that the site was basically a business site and I'm guessing that a business site probably only needs 5 pages. Whatever...

So - here we are again at another site, one where I've blogged before... actually for years. But I had to start a new site here also because even though I can find my old site, when I google myself or my old blog, I could find no way to gain access to it in order to journal. Granted I haven't used it in a year or so, but you'd think I could still login... not!
Oh well, we will survive. I may not have the cute animal format, but I can still add pictures. I did call yesterday and ask if I could transfer the new site with all it's contents to my old homestead site and they told me that I could - to just go to "advanced" and use the "move web site" element. I searched for this, but never found it. Again, probably my fault... I'm just not that computer savy. But I will call again. In the meantime, I will journal here.

Today was a good day. I worked at the bookstore until noon, met a friend for lunch, then came home, cleaned up the kitchen, gave the cats their treats, then another friend came over and we went to the park to walk and check out the Cooper's Hawk nest. We found it fine but the Mama wasn't sitting on it as she was last time.

Going to close now. It's been a long... if not productive, at least active day and these old bones are getting tired. I did make Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Bars for the folks at work today. This is a new recipe and it's really good. It's not difficult - although it takes a little time. I'll try to post it tomorrow.

Goodnight and thanks for reading.

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