Sunday, October 15, 2017

Neglected blog... but no neglected kiddies

Realized today that I've definitely neglected this blog in favor of "Older but better...?" where I tend to lump all my interests together since retirement. Cats and other critters still show up on that blog, but they are lumped in with cooking, pottery, quilting, etc. 

Let's see if I can catch up here.  One of the last entries here on this site was about Rose, our then 22 year old cat. We had almost lost her at that time, but she had rallied. However, we did lose her in November of 2016 when she had a grand mal seizure. This story can be found here under the title, "In Memory of Rose".

Once we were 8, then 7, then 5, and now 3...

Julie, Tux, and Ghost

Since then the cat population in our house-hold has remained at 3. Tux and his sister, Julie, are both 14. Ghost is 10. We are determined to remain at this number - and even at this rate, there is a chance that these 3 will outlive us. But it is a difficult task to remain at 3 when so many cats and kittens need homes. 

The feral cats outside come and go, but some seem to make this their permanent sanctuary - which is fine with us. Pretty Boy - who is a long haired black - has taken over the front porch and grounds. Although he may roam the neighborhood on some days, mostly he can be found sleeping in his basket on the porch or lying on one of the outside windowsills.

Pretty Boy

In the back we have a half grown kitten that is constantly trying his best to be friends with one of the grown cats (Square Ear). Square Ear is a loner who has had part of one ear bitten off and although he isn't aggressive to the kitten, mostly shrugs him off. 

And so life goes on and the feral cats, box turtles, raccoons, possums, and occasional coyote or bobcat come and go, we watch with amusement at their antics and are glad to provide a place with water, food, and sanctuary as the need arises.

I've often told DH that we should have started a genetics log when we first moved in as we have been here for 32 years and have watched generations of feral cats (as well as other species) come and go. The 8 cats that did come inside to share our lives were either rescues or ferals... and have always made loving additions to our family.


Kea said...

The ferals break my heart, because in my "Walt Disney" fantasy of life, they all should have wonderful homes and cosy blankets and laps. I'm glad they've had you for so many cat generations, to offer food, water and outdoor shelter. *Thank you*

selina said...

love the photos of the ferals & your kiddies; so sad that you've lost many too;
you could have this blog as more of a collage/collection of memories shared with all your furry ones? that would be interesting rescues & ferals
thanx for sharing