Monday, April 20, 2015

Julie... the counter cat

Julie on counter
Julie is our *counter cat*.  As hard as we've tried to keep her off... she persists. If you spray her with water, she will leave (for the moment), if you manually take her down, she will jump right back, and if you lock her in another room, the minute she gets out she runs back to the counter. We've given up. I keep the counters covered with kitchen towels or small quilts. And of course I wipe it down with lysol continuously and use those plastic chopping boards whenever we put food up there.

The other cats are not so inclined. One prefers his own cat basket (Tux) or my lap. One prefers DH's chair (Ghost), one prefers the sofa(Molly), and one prefers our bed (Rose). Of course if there is a *sunspot* somewhere in one of the windows, they will all vie for that.  And in winter, they all go for the rug in front of the Aga.

I haven't posted on this site in a while.... mainly I post on "Older, but better...?" and recently I started a new blog called, "My Mulberry days...". But since cats, coffee, and chocolate are still my main vices, I thought I should update this site occasionally.